What Online Casino Apps are Available?

If you would like to play real money casino games, there are two main ways:

Mobile sites.
And mobile apps.
Five years ago the simplest option for players was optimized mobile websites just because operators were ready to offer a bigger selection of games through this medium.

However, as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices became more advanced, operators are now ready to cram more games into the apps. Indeed, because of increased memory, better processing speeds and enhanced graphics, mobile devices are well equipped enough to handle even the foremost demanding casino games.

Android and iOS
All online mobile casino apps are great, but there is no denying that iOS and Android devices lead the way. Because these devices dominate the worldwide market in terms of usage (Android = 79% market share, iOS = 16% market share), software developers and operators have naturally spent longer that specialize in them.

In contrast to iOS and Android users, Windows Phone and Blackberry users may find their options slightly limited when it involves downloadable apps. However, if you are a Windows Phone user you are doing have one advantage over the field: you’re basically carrying around a mobile PC.

Because Windows Phones use an equivalent Microsoft software as your home PC, it means you’ll literally access the simplest online casinos as if you were using your desktop. While which may mean you’ve got to type during a web address rather than touching an app, the experience is, in some ways, better than the one you’ll wear an iOS or Android device because you will have access to a full suite of games.

More Deposit Option
Of course, there are enough deposit options in web desktop casinos, too, though mobile casinos offer easier payment options. Using mobile applications for casinos, you would not need a PC for making quick deposits as you can sync your casino account to your bank account through these apps. Instant deposits will help you to save time and avoid other complications.

Loyalty Points
It is another advantage that smartphone casinos provide players with. If you can find an online casino app that offers a great loyalty point campaign, join immediately. The more you play, the more you will earn points which will be helpful for acquiring prizes. You can also exchange your loyalty points for getting additional perks in the games. For instance, loyalty points in the casino app that features slot games can be converted into free spin opportunities.

Disadvantages of the Mobile Casinos
The first disadvantage of mobile casinos is high data usage. If you are outside or do not have a stable WiFi connection, the mobile casinos will surely use massive data. This is due to the fact that all those games have high-quality graphics that you cannot resist.

Lacking View
Another disadvantage of mobile casinos is that they cannot provide you with full desktop versions. If you have a favorite casino game that you play all the time, it is a possibility that mobile versions for that game cannot meet your needs and come exactly as the desktop view.

You cannot find every desktop casino game in smartphone casinos. Although the industry is shifting toward mobile gambling, there are still a number of lacking aspects that need to be solved. For instance, casino slots online lovers would not be able to play popular games such as Hit it Rich, Slots Mani, and Fast fortune unless they switch to desktop devices. Not all types of video poker games are available in mobile casinos too. That is why there is a particular segment of players who are sticking to desktop casinos no matter what.


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