River Slots Sweepstakes according to the Deparment of Tourism of the Philippines

River Slots Sweepstakes according to the Deparment of Tourism of the Philippines, there have been 3.5 million tourists who visited the Philippines in 2012 and large percentage visited Palawan.The province may be a favorite of the many foreign and native tourists due to its exotic wildlife and therefore the white beaches that are spread everywhere the island. The Palawan underground river is one among the foremost famous places within the province.
Exploring a World Heritage Site
In 1999, the Palawan underground river was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, which led to the large number of tourists visiting Palawan. The river is inside a park where you’ll find exotic animals, like marine turtles, monitor lizards and monkeys. The river flows through caves filled with stalactites and rock formations. a visit to the river may be a truly breath taking experience.
Booking a Palawan Underground River Tour
To maintain the sweetness of the Puerto Princesa Underground River, the govt strictly implements a “no permit, no entry” rule for tourists. The park only allows 900 visitors everyday. you’ll secure permit at the park’s office located within the city or have a Palawan agent get them for you.When getting the permit on your own, visit the office along Rizal Avenue, which is merely a couple of minutes faraway from the airport.

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River Slots Sweepstakes

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