Just dealt with a scammer about the “William D Ford Act”

Got a fun story to share a few scam call I just addressed .
Got a call on my family’s landline Monday from variety within our code . They left a voicemail talking about student loan forgiveness through the “William D. Ford Act” and claimed that I had started an application with them that hadn’t been finished, which they might close it out by the top of the business day.

Today is Wednesday and my family just passed this voicemail along to me. Decided “why not, lets see what this number is about”. the amount starts off with a robot assistant that asked three questions, “are you returning a text, or are you returning a phone call”, “Is your household’s monthly income quite $1500 a month?”, “Are you continue to attending the varsity which you took out the loan at?”. After this it connected me to a true one that asked me some general questions like what proportion is my loan, what do I do for work, what proportion do I pay during a month.

Then he asked me for my email and date of birth, saying that i might receive an email from the FSA’s email address with a 6-digit code i might got to read to him. I did receive an email! A password reset one. I questioned him about this and he went on some spiel about how it might give him a short lived password so he could check if I qualify which it might automatically reset itself back to my password in 10-15 minutes if I didn’t. once I continued to be silent about 10 seconds later it kicked me back bent the robot assistant.
Just sharing a story about scammers who still think password resets are something that does not raise red flags to literally everyone lately .

Who needs to fill FAFSA?
High school students who are going to graduate in 2019 should submit FAFSA. Students who can cover their tuition or are dependent need to declare their FAFSA application in order to get financial aid.

FAFSA Deadlines
Deadlines are not fixed and depend upon the state and even the college. But later you apply, less chance to get aid or any assistantship for your federal loan.

Generally, 30 June 2019 is the deadline for FAFSA. The latest application submission is 30 June, at 12 am. However, you can change some things in the application or add some information to your application until 14 September.

The university deadlines are different. As soon as you get an acceptance letter from the university, you will be asked for the FAFSA application. It is for financial issues and payment you are going to made need to be determined as soon as possible. The equivalent application is CSS. Up to 400 universities require CSS which is using to go through both federal programs like the William D Ford Act, and private loan forgiveness or repayment plans.

Requirements for State Level Consideration.
Submit the application until the deadline stated in the form
Upload additional documents if required
Be aware of the deadline for your state and university. Take the time difference into account.

2016 – tax return, W-2s, bank statements and record of assets are the required documents for the FAFSA. State-dependent FAFSA deadlines are enlisted in the link from where you can roughly know the latest possible day for application.

For your first application to the William D Ford Act, you might be asked to fill the entrance counseling tool and sign a contract which implies that you agree with all terms. After you receive the loan, your loan servicer will contact you and will inform you about the overall procedure, updates, and other useful information.


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