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InBetGames is one among the most important white label providers for the cryptocurrency gambling sector. It offers a wealth of products and if you’ve got spent any length of your time during this industry, there’s an honest chance you’ve got played this company’s games and experienced its services. this is often true albeit you’re not very active on online casinos, as InBetGames’s products have also been utilized in many betting shops, betting halls, and even bookstores.

We have discussed white label iGaming solutions extensively here at Coinbuzz. We’ve noted how these are the businesses that facilitate the creation of countless online casinos. Without a white label provider, a crypto casino software must create its own safe and secure platform. It must acquire licenses from authorities like those in Curacao and Malta, and it must sign contracts with many various iGaming developers, payment solutions, and more.

It’s a tiring and expensive process and if casinos relied on this process, only a few of them would make the commitment and your options as a player would be very limited as a result.

With assistance from a white label provider, the casino just must choose a reputation , create some basic content, buy a logo, and specialise in customer acquisition. It does all of the diligence and leaves the creative and marketing work to the casino.

Many white label providers, including SoftGamings and SoftSwiss, work with iGaming developers to supply a huge selection of over 10,000 games. They charge a setup fee and a license fee , and that they also take a share of the casino’s revenue.

InBetGames works a touch differently. Firstly, it doesn’t have a huge number of iGaming developers and real money games, and it doesn’t charge a setup fee or management fee. it’s going to not be the entire software solution that casinos are trying to find , but it’ll certainly tick tons of boxes for both online and offline gambling companies.

Besides the variety of online casino games that you can find in Bitcoin casinos, the graphics theme, and interface are essential. Players are not like in the early 2000s, and they have a variety of options when it comes to finding high-quality gambling games on other platforms. It would help if you offered 3D casino games that have equally fascinating interfaces and features with video games. The first impression is significant for attracting customers, and there is not any single way to grab their attention than offering mind-blowing graphics.

User Friendliness
The platform overall needs to be user friendly, and you need to create easy navigation for users. If the games are too complicated and users with fewer computer skills cannot even wager because of the lack of user-friendliness, it is a serious issue. So, make sure to acquire bitcoin casino software from providers who can ensure to build easy platforms.

New Releases
Updates and new releases of game titles are essential. This can be about the updated version of the existing games or the game that no one has ever seen. It is up to you to decide. However, if you do not update the platform from time to time, it will get boring, and users will start to drop the site.

It is one of the main aspects that we are concerned about while deciding which casino software provider to choose. Without ensuring that you offer a fair gaming experience, you cannot gain the audience’s trust. For doing so, you can share your test results from respectable organizations that are here to evaluate the software and game fairness. Share this information on a separate page where you out your gambling license.

Reasonable payouts
Return to Player Rate is one of the variables that concern gambling platers. Depending on the type of casino game that you provide, you need to have games with higher RTP scores. On average, most of the chance-based casino games that you can find in bitcoin casinos have over 94 per cent RTP, and that number is around 97 for skill-based games.

Device compatibility
As you probably know, the number of mobile casino players is drastically increasing with smartphones’ rise. As we already mentioned, you need to provide the products that customers want to see or play, and those products need to be accessible. With the increasing number of mobile phone use, it is better to build a compatible platform with both mobile and PC devices.

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